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We started the journey to greatness with a 10MW solar panel factory in 2016. The factory was located at Mammy Industrial Area, Navy Town and it marked a significant milestone in the history of renewable energy in Nigeria. The facility was established at a time when the world was witnessing a growing demand for clean and sustainable sources of power. It utilized advanced technologies and manufacturing processes to produce high-quality solar panels capable of harnessing sunlight and converting it into electricity efficiently. This development not only bolstered the Nigerian solar industry but also had far-reaching impacts on energy generation, environmental sustainability, and job creation.

The establishment of the 10MW solar panel factory had a profound impact on energy generation. By increasing the production capacity of solar panels, the factory contributed to a significant expansion of renewable energy sources. The 10MW output meant that the factory could produce enough solar panels to generate clean electricity for thousands of households and installers. This reduced the dependence on fossil fuels and mitigated the emission of greenhouse gases, thus combating climate change and promoting a greener future.

Since its establishment, the factory has had notable contributions to the completion of several projects across the country. SHELL, FBN Insurance, Spectrum Phones, to mention a few are recognizable projects tagged in the portfolio of the factory. Haven produced a significant number of panels from the panels so far, we are confident that we have made a footprint in the energy industry in Nigeria. We do not intend to stop at that but would build a force by birthing something bigger and better.

Something new it’s on its way, watch this space!

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