Demonstrate Your Commitment to Sustainability

What Sustainability Means to Us

When we talk about our commitment to environmental sustainability at Auxano Solar Nigeria Limited, we are referring to our mindfulness of the effect that we have on our environment and natural resources. As a company and as individuals, we make a conscious effort to produce the smallest environmental impact possible so that we may preserve our quality of life for present and future generations.


Making use of solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. With the damage that fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources are doing to the environment, every measure taken to counter-balance this negative effect is crucial.

We can each effectively minimize our carbon footprint with solar panel installations. Sustainability is an important component of giving back to the environment we all strive to conserve. Thus, energy-saving solutions should be implemented not only because they’re economically beneficial but sustainable.

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Auxano Solar Job Recruitment

Job Vacancy - Malaysia | Our Daily Bread Ministries

Thank you for your interest, we are Auxano Solar Nig. Ltd an innovative renewable energy organisation. We are the first privately  owned solar panel assembling plant in Nigeria.

We are in search of a great mind to join our team and be part of our success story.


Job Title: Production Business Manager
Employment Type: Full-time
Location: Lagos


  • Analyses  the production processes to make sure they stay relevant and makes recommendations for necessary changes
  • Searches for opportunities to grow our production business , whether through partnerships or new initiatives, and works to take advantage of those opportunities
  • Examine sales and other reports that give insight into how our production department can make accommodations to improve performance
  • Assesses risks and makes recommendations based on a thorough analysis of all factors involved in a business situation
  • Manages daily business operations at the production department
  • Accepts extra duties as situations arise
  • Works efficiently and calmly on tight deadlines or other stress factors arise
  • Manage Clients relationships
  • Analyses data to create reports to identify areas of business growth
  • Bid on new projects and negotiate contract terms.


  • Bachelors in Business Management or Marketing or in any related field of study
  • 5+ years of experience in leadership role.
  • Knowledge of project management principles and practices
  • Comprehensive understanding of customer services principles and practices
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work within a team or independently as needed.
  • Ability to think big , process and translate bigger plans with the management
  • Ability to be self motivated and motivate others towards high performance
  • Must have experience with managing employees
  • Integrity


  • Analytical Thinking and Business financial reporting skills
  • Marketing skills and Advance problem solving capabilities
  • Negotiation skills and Time management.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Leadership skills and Confidentiality

Career – ASA Engineering & Digital Survey

Job Title: Sales Engineer
Employment Type: Full-time
Location: Lagos

We are looking for engineer with experience in technical product knowledge and service preferably in the solar sector. You will have an established record of accomplishment of success and enjoy making sales. The ideal candidate should posses a unique combination of technical acumen and interpersonal communication skills.

You should have speed, accuracy and willing to deliver an excellent before and after sales experience.


  • Sell the company’s products and services to all categories of customers.
  • Assist in creation and delivery of presentations, statements of work, proposals and quotes.
  • Collaborate with other team members, in particular the engineering and business development teams to connect appropriate resources with opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain cordial relationship with prospects during and after sales.
  • Use your in-depth product knowledge and technical skills to suggest and potentially develop product solution for prospects.
  • Keep up to date with industry trends and assist in researching and developing new products along side business developers.
  • Act with urgency and precision to give users best product and service experience.
  • Communicate to prospect customers and partners at the external events, conferences etc.
  • Ensure timely entry of data into internal business supply solutions.


  • Minimum of a bachelor degree in Engineering
  • 3+ years experience in sales engineering, technical support or sales support roles.
  • A good negotiation and marketing skills.
  • Highly proficient with PPT, Excel and basic knowledge of P and L Management
  • Organised and should have presence of mind and able to eliminate all sales obstacles through creative adaptive approaches.
  • Ability to solving complex problems and strong analytical mind.
  • Strong communication skills, including written, verbal and presentation .
  • A prior experience in the solar sector will be a merit.


Job Title: Operations and communication manager
Employment Type: Full-time
Location: Lagos

We are looking to add a strategic operations and communication person to support our business and to synchronise the various departments in our company for growth. This crucial position will need someone with experience in today’s business management, the ideal candidate will be an excellent administrative person with an entrepreneurial mindset who constantly communicate the entire business review to the management.

You will also be in charge of overseeing all internal and external communications for a company; you will also be strong writer with sound judgment. The superb candidate will understand and promotes Strategic Communications’ and the company’s goals, writes high-quality content for Auxano Solar ensuring its message is consistent and engaging and assists with daily administration of digital communication channels.


  • Thoroughly analyse and evaluate internal business plans for strategic planning
  • Manage initiatives that focus on driving new projects, processes improvements and customer experience enhancements.
  • Perform financial forecasting and market analysis to develop competitive intelligence strategy.
  • Lead roadmap of enhancements to drive continuity, reduce risk and enable new capabilities
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders across the business to define needs and deliver holistic solutions
  • Identify opportunities for automation and system improvements.
  • Author and deliver executive level reporting, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews.
  • Build and/or maintain operational dashboards and reporting suite to track, manage, and provide valuable insights on metrics and KPIs.


  • Ability to write story-driven content about complex technical subjects and projects that engages target audiences and enhances the company’s image.
  • Develop and implement effective communication strategies that build customer loyalty programs, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Prepare detailed media activity reports.
  • Working knowledge of uses and administration of popular social media outlets (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Sensitivity to diverse audiences and demonstrated sound judgment about messaging
  • Interviewing skills and the interpersonal skills to establish and maintain strong working relationships with executives, senior technical experts.
  • Ability to work under deadline pressure and be an outstanding public relations contact person.
  • Respond to communication-related issues in a timely manner.
  • Supervise projects to guarantee all content is publication-ready.
  • Create communication and marketing strategies for new products, launches, events, and promotions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or any related field of study .An MBA will be preferred, but not required
  • 5+ years of experience in core Business Administration, PR, strategy or a high growth start up
  • Experience executing complex strategic and operational initiatives with solid business judgment
  • Strong knowledge of business and financial concepts
  • Quick learner; willing to dive in and get her/his hands dirty
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to conduct analysis, and make strategic recommendations
  • Experience conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis, including creating complex Excel models and proficient in micro suite software
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver results in a fast-paced environment
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must be an innovative, an inspirational and a charismatic leader

Application Closing Date
29th September, 2021

Method of Application:
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to:

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Our planet is changing drastically, nature is screaming for help, nature is shrinking by seconds, and nature is on the edge of vanishing, humans are suffering due to global warming yet, human beings have the key to save our planet.

In fact, is no longer a myth that the global warming is affecting natural habitats, wildlife and the human lives in ways that needs urgent remedies?

Recently, the freezing conditions in Texas crippled the entire state and brought about many deaths. We also, heard about California literally burning because of heatwaves and wild fires.

Do we want these extreme climate changes to befall our country?  I could guess what our response might be.

Extreme climate change is already upon us. Have we not noticed the increased heat or the noticeable absence of rain and the prolong rainy days when it chooses to rain? Are you still comfortable? Alternatively, do you still think is not your palaver?  You can do your part to conserve the planet remember, a tiny drop in a river causes several ripples.

We can help the gentle, lush and glorious mother-earth by rethinking our energy options and substituting them with non-conventional and environment friendly options that will help us. Always bear in mind that nature doesn’t need humans instead human needs nature to thrive in this world.

Why use Non-renewable sources of energy when you can use a Renewable energy? Why should we use generators as our main source of energy when we can make the right choice by easily switch to solar energy?

We are the major contributors of the global warming through our actions and inactions .If we want our children and grandchildren to live in a natural , serene, clean and safe world, we will have to change our choices NOW!!!. We can prevent a bleak and worrisome future.

Now is the best time to GO GREEN.

Now is the best time to utilize nature’s free energy

Now is the best time to utilize the AMAZING GOLDEN sun, ever smiling.

Now is the best time to use Solar Energy

Think Solar, Think Auxano Solar!

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Call us : +234 706 795 6193
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Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills with Auxano home solar system

Save More with Auxano Home Solar System

Whether your motivations for going solar are economic, environmental, or personal, below benefits will further confirm why opting for Auxano home solar system is the way to go.

Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills

In addition to regulating your energy bill, Auxano solar panels or home solar system significantly reduce your utility bill – sometimes even eliminating it entirely. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or NGO, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenditures. With Auxano home solar system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year life cycle. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the energy you consume, you’ll still save a substantial amount of money.

For inquiries: 

Call/WhatsApp: +234-706-795-6193 E-mail:

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Importance Of Adopting To Solar Power

Energy is required to facilitate most of the activities that people do on a day to day basis. There are various forms of energy that have been developed for use such as hydroelectricity, geothermal power, and solar power, among others. Solar energy provides the best energy source when it comes to conserving the environment and reducing acquisition costs. The energy is gotten from the sun’s radiation and can be converted to heat or electricity. This energy source is therefore freely available and can be harnessed to ensure continued availability for domestic and commercial use.

As our lives become increasingly dependent on electricity to keep our needs, it seems that we must be careful how we get a profitable renewable. While other forms of “green energy” are only practical on a commercial level, solar panels are easy to install-power for residential consumers. Sunlight is a natural source of clean energy that is abundant worldwide so there is little reason not to enjoy. Simply switching to solar panels for 25 percent of its electricity, emissions overall average consumers will be reduced by more than 1.5 tons, helping to conserve energy for future generations, while saving thousands of money for your homes in the long term. While this may seem like an expensive investment installation of solar energy systems, the average life of the solar system is more than 25 years, during which you are less dependent on a grid.

Discussed below are the merits that are associated with using solar power:

Environment Friendly

Solar energy has the least negative environmental effect in comparison to the other energy sources. It neither pollutes any water body nor does it emit greenhouse gases to the environment. It also requires little maintenance aside from solar panels; as compared to other energy sources such as nuclear power plants which require approximately twenty times as much water. Moreover, the production of solar energy does not lead to any noise pollution which means it is healthy to install them near residences. Therefore, getting a solar panel from a commercial solar company like us that assemblies ours locally; stands to provide a lot of benefits for both the solar panel user and the surrounding.


Solar power ensures that you generate your utility which reduces your consumption from the utility supplier. This eventually translates into cost-savings in terms of capital that would have been otherwise spent on energy provision.

The ubiquity of solar energy

Solar power is easily and naturally available, as long as there is some sunshine. This is particularly very useful especially for remote areas that do not have any access to another source of energy. Even for those who do have access to other sources of energy such as hydro-electric power or geothermal energy, they can still install solar panels and use them as a back-up in case of any outages or shortages. The solar energy can then be upgraded to be used as the main source of energy over time to reduce energy-related costs.

Conserves energy

Energy sources such as hydro-electric power is usually prone to energy loss during distribution. There usually are long distances between supply points and production plants which result in over 3% energy loss in the process. These energy losses can greatly influence installation performance, especially in highly populated areas.

Bottom Line

Solar power is rapidly gaining popularity and rightly so. Solar energy is easy to produce and does not harm the environment, among other benefits as discussed above. For this reason, you should adopt solar power today, either as your main source of energy or as a back-up power plan and the long-term savings from the solar panel to move not only help to maintain a healthy environment for future generations, but also economically benefit the end user.

Visit any of our offices near you to get started today. 

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All On, Auxano sign $1.5m Investment Deal for Solar Panel Assembly Plant Expansion

Auxano Solar Signs Investment Deal with AllON

Shell Funded impact investment company AllOn has signed a $1.5M deal with Auxano Solar. This investment will enable the company expand its capacity, processes and sevices by over 50%.
This investment will also make supply of solar panels more accessible to Nigerians, strengthen the off-grid energy sector in Nigeria and boost economic development.

Auxano Solar is a rapidly growing renewable energy company with emphasis on solar power. Besides manufacturing of solar PV modules, we are also involved in the design, installation and sales of solar power systems and components such as inverters, batteries, charge controllers, etc.

Auxano Solar’s journey with AllON began in 2018, when she was selected as one of finalist to win the 2018 AllOn-USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge.

All On has gone on to partner with Auxano Solar on numerous off-grid energy projects most recently the deployment of solar power to emergency health care and response centres in Nigeria such as the COVID-19 isolation ward; National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos through the AllON COVID-19 Solar Relief Fund initiative in April 2020.

The story continues…!

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